Agency on products from SATO and Labelmate

Bent Nygaard Elektronik offers agency on entire product portfolio from SATO and Labelmate.

Next to our own machinery we have agency on products from SATO and Labelmate. Our agency products are chosen careful and consists of products, which can complement our own line of products.


SATO industrial label printers

SATO is one of the largest printer manufacturers globally and offers solid and service-minded label printers used in industrial environments. We have had selling rights on the SATO portfolio of products for many years and can offer guidance, support and service.

As an example, we always have the latest industrial printers on stock and we use SATO OEM print engines in many of our customer-based print solutions.


Labelmate semi-automatic label dispensers and rewinders

Although Labelmate is our newest agency we have been selling these units for many years e.g., the series of semi-automatic label dispensers LDxxx and label rewinders.

Labelmate makes very reliable and simple products and are often used in the manual production where products are labelled by hand.


Industrial bench and table scales

For our manual labelling by weight systems, we only use scales of the highest quality delivered from RADWAG.

RADWAG has scales in many different sizes and capacities and can be integrated with our manual label printers or used as a stand-alone unit without a printer.


Read more about our agency below or contact us today if we can be of any assistance with know-how, guidance and updated prizes.

Read more about our agency

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