Labelmate quality labelling solutions

Labelmate has a wide selection of semi-automatic labelling products, which easily can increase the efficiency when it comes to manual labelling assignments. 

Next to our own automatic label dispensers and label printers we can offer the full range of products from Labelmate that includes e.g., label dispensers, label rewinders etc.

The Labelmate products are ideal for small productions where the labelling are done by hand. The semi-automatic label dispensers LD-100 and LD-200 makes it very easy to dispense the label just like the CAT-3 rewinder ensures an uniform and easy label rewinding.

The assortment and products from Labelmate are comprehensive and consists of e.g., rewinders and label dispensers with various options that fits every labelling need. The advantages of using Labelmate are many, where easy operation and a solid construction are a few of the keywords.

We always have the most popular models on stock and offers reparation and original spare parts.

If you are looking for a specific product from Labelmate or you just want to hear more about the options, please contact us today.

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Labelmate semi-automatic label dispensers

The label dispensers LD-100, LD-200 and LD-300 ensures optimal handeling of the label in all sizes.

The newest semi-automatic label dispensers provide a problem-free handling of labels, when they are to be separated from the label liner.

The models offer a wide range of options and can handle labels up to A4 sizes.

 Their model designator indicates max width of the label and if it is prepared for transparent/black labels.

All models have a very easy and initiative user-operation and they can all be delivered in a stainless steel construction.


– Label width up to 218 mm.

– 38 mm core holder.

– Can be delivered with inner and outer flanges for narrow labels.

– Standard max. speed of 11 cm/sec.

– Label counter and battery as option.

– High speed PSU as option (ca. 25% extra speed).

– The version showed is model LD-100-RS-U for transparent labels.

Contact us today and get more information about the products from Labelmate.

Labelmate CAT-3 label rewinder

With a label rewinder from Labelmate it is easy to rewind labels for later use.

A label rewinder makes it possible to rewind the labels on a easy and uniform way.

The CAT-3 rewinder can be delivered with many different options and with a speed of max. 125 cm/sec it can be used with almost any label printer.

As an example, it can be delivered with an adjustable core size (25 to 101 mm), a quick chuck version (like the picture) and space for label rolls with outer diameter of 400 mm.

Regardless the model the CAT-3 rewinder is made with adjustable torque and it can rewind clockwise/counter-clockwise.


– Automatic rewind of labels directly after printing.

– Different models regarding label width and label core size.

– Standard 300 mm outer diameter on label roll.

– Anti-slip and solid construction made in steel.

– Can be delivered with tension-arm.

– Label core from 25 to 101 mm (model dependent).

Contact us today and get guidance and price on the newest products from Labelmate.

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