Industrial scales from RADWAG

Radwag produces scales of the highest quality to be used in the industry. With their wide range of scales, they have a solution for every weighing project.

Bent Nygaard Elektronik can offer table and bench scales from Radwag and with our experience and know-how we can offer our guidance to the best weiginh solution.

We often combine the scales with our own thermo label printers. Together they compose a manual labelling by weight system to be used in the food-production industry.

The scales from Radwag can be made in many variations accoridng the size on weighing platform, encapsulation and max capacity.

See a description of the weights below, or contact us today if we can be of any assistance regarding selecting the correct scale from Radwag.

Industrial scales WPT/H

WPT/H is made for weighing in humid and wet environment.

The industrial scales in the WPT/H-series have a construction made in stainless steel and can be used for dry, humid and wet environment.

The scales are delivered with the weighing indicator on a pillar but can be delivered with a cable if it is to be installed on a wall.

They are supplied from mains and offers a RS232 interface as standard.

All scales in the WPT/H series can be offered as dual range versions.


– Industrial scale for humid and wet environments.

– With weighing indicator on pillar or with cable (option).

– IP 67/68 encapsulation.

– Various sizes of weighing platforms.

– RS232 interface as standard.

– All scales are delivered with fabric verification.

Contact us today and hear more.

Directory of WPT/H

The directory to the right shows our most sold WPT/H scales.

WPT/H offers many different scales with max capacity from 1,5 kg til 300 kg and weighing platform in different sizes.

The list shows the most sold WPT/H scales used as either a stand-alone scale or in combination with our label printers (manual labelling by weight systems).

Dual range indicates different divisions according to the weight. As an example, a 30 kg dual range scale will perform weighing as follows: Division of 5 gram to 15 kg, division of 10 gram from 15 kg to 30 kg. This is automatically done in the scale.

The WPT/H can also be made with a stainless steel AISI 316 chassis and a weighing cell in stainless steel with IP 68 encapsulation. This model is referred to as WPT/HR.

Contact us today if you have questions about the Radwag scales.

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