SATO label printers and combined print solutions.

SATO is one of the largest printer manufacturer globally and they make quality products for competitive prices.

Bent Nygaard Elektronik has selling rights on all the products from SATO and we can offer our know-how and guidance to your next labelling project.

SATO industrial label printers

The newest industrial label printers from SATO is known for easy operation, 200 mm label rolls, multi language and Windows drivers.

The printers supports USB and LAN interface as standard, and they can be delivered with WLAN as an option. SATO CL4NX (4”) has a print resolution of 203, 305 or 609 DPI, and the CL6NX (6”) comes with 203 or 305 DPI print resolution.

We can offer a low-cost Print Apply solution based on the CL4NX Plus. The solution is made with our own automatic label applicator and makes it possible to attach labels automatically on top, or on the side of a product.

OEM print engines

Besides the label printers, we can use SATO OEM print engines on our 4 Inches label dispenser, or as a part element in our automatic pallet labelling solutions.

The print engines make it possible to print on all kind of media via thermo transfer foil, and the correct print engine is chosen to each project accordingly.

Contact us today if we can help you with your SATO label printer, or if you need guidance for your next SATO labelling system.


SATO industrial label printer CL4NX and CL6NX Plus

The newest industrial label printer from SATO offers increased user-functionality and precise printing of micro labels. 

The newest SATO label printer designed for industrial use is the CLNX Plus series. It is used in the small production, where labels e.g. are printed and winded up in an external office.

The printers have a printing width of up to six Inches and a wide range of functionalities such as a large LCD, which can display videos with label threading and printer status via changing backlight.

SATO label printers are supported by Windows drivers, and they can be delivered with free label design software, Nicelabel, that fulfill the most needs regarding label layout and label editing.

The printers have the option of a wide range of option, e.g. dispensing function, cutter, WLAN and Real Time Clock. Print directly on thermo labels (Direct thermo) or on another label media via transfer foil.


  • Industrial design
  • Large display with video samples of printer operations, label threading and more
  • Print on all label media via transfer foil
  • Print resolution from 203 to 609 dpi
  • Print speed up to 355 mm/sec
  • Precise printing of micro labels in dispensing mode (CL4NX Plus)
  • Interface: USB, parallel, LAN and Bluetooth
  • WLAN (option)
  • Different models with dispenser, cutter, Real Time Clock

BNY automatic applicator made for SATO label printers

Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S has developed an automatic applicator for the standard Sato CL4NX label printer.

A combination of the SATO label printer interface, and our automatic applicator makes the system a versatile and low-cost quality labelling solution for boxes and pallets.

The applicator returns by contact with the product and is ideal for boxes with various height and width.

With a maximal stroke of 180 mm, a label size of 100 x 150 mm and Windows printer drivers the system is very versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.


  • Automatic labelling of boxes and pallets.
  • Low-cost Print Apply solution with the SATO industrial label printer (CLNX-series).
  • Label dimensions (mm): Max. 100 x 150.
  • Stroke length up to 180 mm, returns by contact with product.
  • It can be directly applied on an existing SATO CLNX label printer (Dispenser function required).
  • Made of stainless steel and with an integrated display and keyboard.

SATO RWG500 bi-directional rewinder

RWG500 er en bi-direktionel  etiketopruller fra SATO, som gør det muligt at oprulle etiketter direkte efter print på et kontor til senere brug i produktionen.

RWG500 is a bi-directional rewinder from SATO. It makes it possible to rewind printed labels so they can be used later on in productions or automatic label machinery.

The label rewinder is connected to the SATO label printer via a single interface cable and follows the print speed and start/stop of the printer. (Using some older SATO printers requires an external PSU for the RWG500).


  • Bi-directional rewinder for alle SATO label printers.
  • Internal or external rewinding of labels.
  • Can be connected directly to CLNX label printers with interface cable.
  • Older SATO label printers require external power supply for the RWG500.
  • Max label width up to 131 mm, can be expanded to 180 with external kit.
  • See a video of the rewinder here >>
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