Automatic labelling by weight

Bent Nygaard Electronik a/S has its own production of machinery for the automatic labelling by weight and labelling of food products.

Our solutions for automatic labelling by weight is a combination of our type-approved checkweigher, CWM-series, and one or two of our own automatic Print Apply label printers.

A software program by Bent Nygaard Electronik A/S processes orders and parcel specifications on a SQL-based database, and the label design is created and maintained in the graphic label-design program Codesoft.

The automatic weighing and labelling machines are also available with a reject function to ensure that labelling by weight only takes place within a specific area.

All of our machinery is from our own production and is why we can make the system very customer specific and flexible.

Our newest checkweighers is type-approved according MID-directive, certificate DK0199.618.

Please contact us for guidance and more information about our automatic labelling systems.

BNY label printer model TH112e-TT

The newest version of our automatic label printers has many new functions. It can print on all kind of label media e.g., ordinary paper and transparent labels with the use of thermal transfer foil.

TH112e-TT is an upgrade of our well-know TH112e-A, which are still used if there ¨only¨ is a need of printing thermo labels.

Our automatic label printers can be made in a right or left-sided version that makes it possible to print and apply labels on top and bottom of the product.

We can adjust the label applicator accordingly to the assignment. We have a standard bracket that fits all of our automatic applicators. By pneumatics the applicator can be led away from the printer for an easy change of labels, foil or for easy maintenance.

The shown model is made with 4″ print width, 200 or 300 dpi resolution. With the use of thermo transfer foil it can print on all kind of media e.g., paper or transparent labels without photo marks.


BNY type-approved checkweighers

The CWM is approved after the tolerances in the MID-directive and may be used for check and catch weighing in the EU. The verification is done at the installation site by an external and independent authority to make sure it complies with the tolerances.

These kind of checkweighers are used in large scale production plants, where there is a need for a fully automated weighing system.

The CWM is often combined with our automatic label printers, which can print and attach a label with various information like text, graphics and barcodes with weighing and/or price information.

CWM checkweighers can be made with a capacity of maximum 60 kg

  • Type-approved checkweighers, CWM-series
  • Conveyor belts is adapted to fit the products
  • Max load from 3 to 60 kg
  • Integrated system control
  • To be verified at production site.


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The dependable performance is impressive, but even if a breakdown should occur, we are pleased that Bent Nygaard Electronik takes the right approach to service and customer relations.
Svend Andersen, Dairy Manager
Them Andelsmejeri
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