BNY machinery

Bent Nygaard Elektronik has its own production of industrial machinery regarding labelling and weighing solutions.

Our own products regarding labelling and weighing machinery consists of automatic industrial label dispensers, label printers, customer specific checkweighers and combined End-of-line systems.

All of our products are constructed and assembled at our production facility in Loesning, DK. In this way, we can make very customer specific solutions by meeting our customer requirements. Our products are used in the production industry and have a construction of stainless steel and food-approved components. They meet the strict demands regarding durability, operation and functionality.

Because we have our own production of machinery, we can adapt the unit directly to the customer products. We can offer the machines as a stand-alone unit for an existing production or in a system specific combination.

Regardless the chosen solution we can guarantee machinery of high quality which are designed and carefully tested before delivery.

Read more about our machinery below or contact us today, if we can be of any assistance regarding guidance and know-how for your next labelling and weighing project.

Own construction of machinery

The products from Bent Nygaard Elektronik are known by their distinctive design in stainless steel – they are all of our own construction.

We have made printers since the technology about thermal printheads was introduced in 1980, which equals over 40 years of experience. At the same time, we have developed our automatic label dispensers and checkweighers according to requests from our customers.

Our main focus is to make machines that requires a minimal degree of service and to ensure un-matched functionality.

All of our machinery is made, assembled and tested at our facility in Loesning, DK. It is our guarantee of delivering Danish quality.

Our machinery:

– Automatic label dispensers

– Automatic and manual label printers.

– Automatic checkweighers

End-of-Line system solutions

Besides our own machinery we offer customer specific weighing and/or labelling ¨End-of-Line¨ system solutions.

During the last 40 years we have made many different system solutions intended the Danish food production industry. All of our systems are made in close corporation with the customer.

Our systems concerns labelling of products, boxes and pallets, and also entire labelling by weight solutions.

Before a system is put into production we make a profound dimensionally stable drawing in 3D, which is shown and discussed with the customer. It gives us the possibility to get feedback and discover mechanical issues at a very early stage.

This helps us to avoid errors in the production and involves the customer about potential corrections regarding functionality and system operation.

Please contact us today and lean more on how we can help you with your next labelling or weighing system.


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