Automatic checkweighers for industrial use

At Bent Nygaard Elektronik we have our own production of automatic checkweighers made for industrial use. We offer customer specific solutions with a construction in stainless steel and food-approved components.

Our checkweighers are spilt in to series; The CWI-series and CWM-series. Both series are automated checkweighers and are weighing the product while it is in progress. The main difference between the two series, it that CWM are type-approved where the CWI is not.

CWM checkweighers are used in productions where products or packaging are labelled with weight and/or price. It is therefore necessary that the checkweigher meets the tolerances of a type-approval. Our CWM-series comply with the MID-directive, EU-certificate DK0199.618 and may be used for verified weighing in the EU. To make sure the directive is followed the checkweigher must always be verified at the installation site with the actual products. The verification is made by an independent external authority.

CWI-checkweighers are used for internal fabrication control, where there is no demand of verification. Even though the CWI can’t be verified, it still complies with the tolerances in the MID-directive, and tt also gives an opportunity to make very specific constructions.

Both checkweighers have a max. weighing capacity from 3 kg to 60 kg, 200 ppm and 3000 divisions.

Our checkweighers are made in-house and we can offer very customer specific constructions, e.g., conveyor dimensions and line height according customer specifications. At the same time we can offer software for statistics and data management.

See examples on our checkweighers below and contact us today for further information.

BNY checkweighers, CWM-series.

Type-approved checkweigher with max capacity 3 kg to 60 kg, 200 ppm.

Our checkweighers are approved by Danish authority Delta according to tolerances in the MID-directive. The final verification is made at the installation site by an external authority to make sure they comply with the type-approval.

All of type type-approved checkweighers from Bent Nygaard Elektronik complies with the tolerances in EU certificate DK0199.618 and may be used for verified weighing in the EU.

We use our checkweighers either as a stand-alone unit or as a key-component in a automatic labelling by weight system solution with our label printers and/or reject station.

The shown model on the picture is our standard 03/06 kg model with infeed, weighing and outfeed conveyor. Product direction and conveyor dimensions are made according customer specifications.

Contact us for more information and datasheet of the checkweigher.

BNY checkweighers, CWI-series.

Automatic checkweigher used for internal fabrication control.

The CWI-checkweighers from Bent Nygaard Elektronik are used in productions that have no need of verified weighings. It can be used as a control of filling machines, statistical reasons in productions, correct quantity in a package etc.

The CWI offers a wide flexibility in the construction because there is no demand of verification. Even though they still comply with the tolerances according the R51 and MID-directive just like our type-approved checkweighers. Our CWI-checkweighers are often used as a weighing control of filled boxes with an automatic reject or as a stand alone unit to optimise the production via feedback I/O and statistics.

We have made many CWI-checkweighers and our assortment are wide. Please see the examples below with examples of our systems with a weighing capacity from 3 kg to 60 kg, 3000 divisions.

Contact us for more information or if you have any questions about our CWI checkweighers.

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The dependable performance is impressive, but even if a breakdown should occur, we are pleased that Bent Nygaard Electronik takes the right approach to service and customer relations.
Svend Andersen, Dairy Manager
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