BNY industrial label printers

Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S has been selling label printers ever since the printing technology based on thermal printheads was introduced in 1980.

We are manufacturing our own label printers in house and, like our other products, they are firmly tested in our own workshop. The label printers are designed for industrial surroundings with smoothly polished stainless steel encapsulation.

Because we develop and manufactures the printers ourselves, the software can be modified to meet the exact demand of the customer.

Our own series of label printers are made in two versions: Manual label printers and automatic label printers.

The main difference is, that by using the manual label printers, the operator must apply the label on the product by hand. The automatic label printers have an label applicator that applies the label directly after printing, hence the name Print (&) Apply.


Common for the two printer versions is a print width up to 6” (152 mm) and a 203 or 305 dpi print resolution. Both versions can be made with internal storage for thousands of labels, which enables them to be used in off-line operations.

Read more about the printers below or contact us today, if you have any questions regarding our label printers.

BNY manual label printer

Thermo label printers with customer specific software and functionality. 

Our manual label printers are used in the small and medium productions, where there is a need for manual labelling and weighing systems.

The label printers are designed to be used in industrial environments and offers the possibility for adapting specific demands and functionality. As a standard they are made with a thermo printhead, 200 or 300 dpi, and have a max. print speed of 150 mm/sec regardless the amount of text and barcodes.

  • Solid construction in aluminum and encapsulation in stainless steel.
  • Print width up to 6″, print speed up to 15 mm/sec.
  • Control panel with display and numeric keyboard.
  • Serial or LAN interface.
  • Interface for industrial scale, barcode scanners etc.
  • Integrated memory for label data (option)
  • Cabinet with pull-out bracket to bo used in wet environment (option)
  • Driver support in Codesoft and Nicelabel.

BNY Print Apply label printer

Automatic Print and Apply the label on products or packages with our newest label printer.

Our automatic label printers are designed for the high-volume production, where there is a need for automatic attachment of the label on the products or packaging.

The advantages of an automated attachment are the possibility to apply an actual label at continuous and high-speed productions, hence the name Print (&) Apply.

The newest version of our automatic label printers has many new functions. It can print on all kind of label media e.g., ordinary paper and transparent with the use of thermal transfer foil.

We can adjust the label applicator accordingly to the assignment. We have a standard bracket that fits all of our automatic applicators. By pneumatics the applicator can be led away from the printer for an easy change of labels, foil or for easy maintenance.

  • Customer adapted label printer with thermal transfer foil
  • Print on all kind of label media
  • Right or left printer versions
  • Solid aluminum chassis with encapsulation in stainless steel
  • Up to 4” print width, 6 ips (150 mm/sec)
  • 203 or 305 dpi print resolution
  • Display and control panel on a separate remote control
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The dependable performance is impressive, but even if a breakdown should occur, we are pleased that Bent Nygaard Electronik takes the right approach to service and customer relations.
Svend Andersen, Dairy Manager
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