Automatic box labelling.

Automatic attachment of selfadhesive labels on the side, top or end wall of boxes.

At Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S we make our machinery directly to the customer needs. In this way, we ensure the best possible solution and capacity.

Our systems for automatic box labelling consist of a label dispenser that attaches pre-printed labels or an automatic label printer that automatic attaches the actual label (Print Apply).

All of our machinery is from our own production and the solutions are different, as they are made after the customer needs and box dimensions.

See for instance our section of automatic label printers, where all the machinery can be placed on stands or mechanical brackets next to an existing production line.

The systems on this site are complete solutions with conveyor belts and label dispensers or printers.  They are mounted horizontally for different side and end wall labelling solutions.

All of our automatic label printers can be combined with our series of checkweighers. It gives the possibility of a labelling by weight system with indication of weight, GS1 barcodes etc.

See some examples of our box labelling solutions here, or contact us today to further information about our systems.

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As an extra bonus, we can now change the small stories we want to tell on the labels quickly and easily, whereas they were always pre-printed before. Bent Nygaard Electronik is good at listening to our needs and they deliver efficient solutions that work – every time!
Torben von Dippe, Meat Packing Supervisor

BNY label dispenser for pre-printed labels

The label dispenser model BNY DS7120S is one of our key-compoents in our system solutions. It can be mounted with an automatic label applicator and mounted in any position.

The unit is made for automatic appliance of pre-printed labels and can be delivered in a right or left sided version. As standard it has space for a label roll of 320 mm (outer diameter) and an external operation panel, which can be placed next to or away from the unit.

  • Label width up to 6″ (150 mm).
  • Possible to mount an intermittent print engine for simple date/batch print jobs.
  • Can be used for all kind of labels.
  • Internal registers for different kind of label sizes.
  • Can be used for top, bottom or side labelling.
  • Various sensors for label monitoring and encoder I/O.

BNY label printer to Print Apply solutions

For any Print Apply solutions, where each box has to be labelled individually, we use our own industrial label printer model BNY TH112e-A.

The label printer can be mounted with different kind of label applicators such as pistion, air and vacuum belt applicators.

As a standard it is made with a print resolution of 200 or 300 dpi and has the option of an internal memory to store label data.

The printer can be made with a 4″ print width (102 mm) 200/300 dpi, or a 6″ print width (152 mm) 200 dpi.

  • 200/300 dpi thermo printhead as standard
  • Internal storage of label data (option)
  • Can be used as top, bottom or side labelling.
  • THe label layout is made in Codesoft.
  • Print and Apply the actual label with various data
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