Labelling by weight, automatic or manual systems

We make customer specific labelling by weight systems. The systems are made according product specifications and capacity. 

Bent Nygaard Elektronik has delivered various solutions regarding automatic and manual labelling by weight systems. By combining our checkweighers, or bench scales, with our label printers we can adapt the systems according to the customer demands.

Automatic labelling by weight systems are designed for customers with large and automated production processes, where the products are progressed to our system by a conveyor belt. Our system is often placed directly after a flow packing machine.

In these cases, our type-approved checkweighers are combined with one or more automatic label printers with an applicator, depending on the task. The entire process is done automatically and makes it possible to perform labelling by weight at high capacity.

Manual labelling by weight systems combines an industrial scale by Radwag and a label printer by Bent Nygaard Elektronik. The system is frequently used for small production lines and can be combined with a label printer for sum-labels. As an optional accessory, the label printers are available with a stainless steel cabinet with a pull-out mechanism, making them easier to protect, such as for cleaning.

Regardless the system we can offer our know-how and non-committal guidance to the correct system.

Contact us today and lets talk about your next labelling by weight system.

Read more about or manual or automatic labelling by weight systems:

More than 40 years of experience

At Bent Nygaard Elektronik we have more than 40 years of experince in making and delivering customer specific labelling solutions used in the industry.

Our solutions are adapted the production very closely and our main focus is to deliver high functionality, user-friendliness and stability.

By using our own machinery, we can meet the customer with demands and specifications given from the actual labelling project.

At any given project we provide our know-how and guidance to different kind of solutions. We offer visits at the installation site and non-committal offers.

Flexible service agreements

Our labelling machinery are made with the best components, and we know it will last for many years. A labelling solution, which often are used to apply thousands of labels daily, will require some maintenence on a given basis. We are not committing our customers to expensive and complicated contracts, but we offer instead a service-agreement.

A service-agreement made with Bent Nygaard Elektronik is based on the actual system and can always be made. When a service-agreement is made, our technician will do the aquired maintenance and register the time used. All the papers are sent to the customer that can follow the process. If the agreements needs to be cancelled, it can be done on a daily basis.

Contact us today and get a non-committal budget on your system from Bent Nygaard Elektronik.

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