Manual labelling by weight systems

Our manual weighing systems are frequently used for small-scale production processes where a random-weight label needs to be printed.

The systems are made of high-quality industrial scales and our own thermo label printers model TH112e-B (4″ print width) or TH160e-B (6″ print width). Our systems are widespread in the Danish food production and can be expanded with more printers if needed.

The label printers can be made with an internal memory module. In this way, the labels can be stored internally in the printer which makes it independent of on-line communication to servers.

The label layout is made in the label design software Codesoft, that we often combine with our own software application to fit the customers need.

We often mount the system in a custom made packaging table and built the printers into a closed cabinet to protect them from daily cleaning. We can make a chassis for the packaging table to fit the spacing in the production environment.

Contact us today if we can assist you regarding a manual labelling by weight system.

BNY label printer model TH112e-B

The printer used in our manual labelling by weight systems are our own thermo label printer made with a print width of 4″ (102 mm) or 6″ (152 mm). The printer can be delivered as show on the picture, with internal winding of printed label roll or a ¨label-taken¨ sensor.

As standard is has a 200 / 300 dpi print resolution and can print standard text, graphic and barcodes from a label layout made in Codesoft. The printer is integrated with an industrial scale from Radwag to compose a manual by weight labelling system.

  • BNY model TH112e-B (4″ model show).
  • Print resolution of 200 / 300 dpi.
  • Label is selected via the printer operation panel.
  • Make your custom label with guiding text in Codesoft.
  • Internal memory, label roll winding and ¨label-taken¨ sensor as option.
  • Solid construction in aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Print speed max 150 mm/sec.

High quality industrial scales

We help you to choose the correct scale according to the weighing assignment regarding size on weighing platform, single or dual range and encapsulation class.

The scales is not our own construction but just as our systems, the scales have an encapsulation in stainless steel and are made with quality components, which make the very useful for weighing in the food production industry.

Our chassis for the weighing system is made according to the scale. In lager systems e.g., box weighing, we can combine the weighing platform with a passive roller conveyor to avoid heavy lifting.

Our most sold models:

  • Platform (mm): 250 x 300, 410 x 410 and 600 x 600.
  • Max. weighing capacity (kg): 3 – 60 kg, single/dual range.
  • The scales are verified and ready to use.
  • Can be used stand-alone or with BNY label printer.
  • Other scale platforms and max capacities are available.

Contact us today and lets us help you choose the industrial scale for your production.

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The dependable performance is impressive, but even if a breakdown should occur, we are pleased that Bent Nygaard Electronik takes the right approach to service and customer relations.
Svend Andersen, Dairy Manager
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