Automatic pallet labelling

Automatic two-sided pallet labelling according to GS1 standard.

At Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S we make our machinery directly to the customer needs. In this way, we ensure the best possible solution and capacity.

Out systems for automatic pallet labelling consists of a Print Apply solution with a special label applicator that can attach self-adhesive A5 pallet labels with printed text and barcodes.

We have made several solutions, and they are all made with the customers space requirements and capacity in mind. The systems can attach labels on a single side of the pallet or at two adjacent sides according to GS1 standard.

The pallet label solutions are made as a solution with customer adapted software, an integrated PC, and if needed, an SQL-database with product register and log.

We can make the pallet labelling solutions to dry production facilities on land, or we can offer the solutions with a high encapsulation class to be used onboard trawlers and in harsh/wet environments on land.

Besides the automatic and large labelling solutions, we can also offer label printers and software for manual print and attachment of pallet labels.

See our examples on this site, or contact us to hear more about our labelling systems for pallets.

BNY wide label printer

To print the wide pallet labels, we use our label printer, model TH160e, with 6″ print width.

This printer is made with a thermo printhead and can be implemented in the automatic pallet labelling system.

The pallet label layout is made in Codesoft and are transferred to the printer via the PC or an external terminal.

By using our own printers, we can ensure a guarantee of functionality and spare parts are always on stock.

The printer is made with a solid construction in aluminum and encapsulation in stainless steel.

  • 200 dpi print resolution.
  • Print width up to 6″ (152 mm), thermo labels.
  • Print text, graphic, barcodes with various information etc.
  • The printer is adapted to the actual pallet labelling system.
  • Support by drivers in Codesoft label design software.

Pallet labelling with SATO S86ex print engine

We often use a SATO S86ex print module in our automatic pallet labelling systems.

The print module has the benefit of supportet drivers in Codesoft and Windows. It can be used by various labelling design software and is easy to use.

By using a print module from SATO it is possible to buy spare parts internationally, why it is a very good solution when the system is installed on board e.g. trawlers.

  • Print width up to 6,59″ (167 mm).
  • Print resolution 200/300 dpi.
  • Can be used for all kind of label media.
  • Standard Windows drivers.
  • Easy operation and maintenence.
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