High quality labelling solutions

Automatic attachment of self-adhesive labels on every side of a product. 

Our automatic product labelling solutions is made of one or more label dispensers, which are mounted above, below or on the side of a motorized conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt is chosen according to the products and is made in food-approved materials. If there is a need of special infeed or outfeed conveyor, or the label needs to be folded around the product, we can make very customized solutions.

As an example, our labelling solutions makes it possible to attach a pre-printed colorful label on the top and a printed label with ingredients on the bottom. The combinations are many and we can add an integrated line control, vision system etc.

The used label dispensers are from our own production; The DS7120 is made for pre-printed labels and can be mounted a print engine for single lines of date/batch print jobs, or we can use or DS8120 that offers in-line printing on the entire label area.

Our systems ensure a precise and lasting labelling solution that has a minimum demand of service and maintenance.

We deliver the combined system solution that includes machinery, various mechanics, software and service.

See some of our system solutions below and contact us today if we can help you with your next labelling solution.

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As an extra bonus, we can now change the small stories we want to tell on the labels quickly and easily, whereas they were always pre-printed before. Bent Nygaard Electronik is good at listening to our needs and they deliver efficient solutions that work – every time!
Torben von Dippe, Meat Packing Supervisor.

Examples on systems made for product labelling:


BNY label dispenser; DS7-series

Automatic appliance of pre-printed labels. It can be mounted with a print engine for simple date/batch markings.

The unit is made for automatic appliance of pre-printed labels and can be delivered in a right or left sided version.

As an option, it can be mounted with a print engine from Dataflex to print single lines of text and barcodes via transfer foil.

The DS7 supports labels up to a with of 6″ and is easy to integrate in an existing production environment.

  • Made in a right or left sided version.
  • Up to 6″ wide labels
  • Space for 320 mm label (outer diameter) on 1,5″ or 3″ label core.
  • External operation panel is standard
  • Automatic label applicator (option).
  • Automatic speed regulation, ¨label-low¨ and liner-full sensors (options).
  • Possible to use two DS7 in a master/slave function in critical productions
  • Dataflex print engine (option)

Contact us for more information and datasheet.

BNY label dispensers; DS8-series

Automatic attachment of labels with in-line printing of text, graphic and barcodes.

This label dispenser offers in-line printing of your own label design made in Codesoft. It is delivered with a thermo label printhead, 300 dpi, as standard, but it can be delivered with different OEM print engines from SATO or Cab.

The label dispenser offers a 4″ print width and can be mounted with a memory module for internal storage of label data.

Just like the DS7-series it can be made in a right or left sided version and is easy to install in an existing production environment.

  • Thermo print engine 300 dpi or a OEM print engine from SATO or Cab.
  • Print labels up to 4″ wide directly from Codesoft.
  • Internal memory module used for label data.
  • Automatic label applicator (option)
  • Wide selection of label sensors and I/O ports

Contact us today for more information and datasheet.

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