Them andelsmejeri siden 1888

Them Andelsmejeri

“In a market characterised by major players, much of Them Andelsmejeri’s success is attributable to our ability to develop and adapt.

This applies not least in our production process, where we run up to 40 different package sizes in a single day to be able to deliver the products in demand from day to day.

Our two weighing and labelling lines handle packs from 300 grams to 4.5 kg.

This demands great flexibility, a user-friendly system and short changeover times.

Accordingly, our lines for weighing and marking of retail packs are designed so they can apply labels on both sides of the products.

This is true of both decorative labels and thermally printed labels with variable text.”

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The dependable performance is impressive, but even if a breakdown should occur, we are pleased that Bent Nygaard Electronik takes the right approach to service and customer relations.
Svend Andersen, Dairy Manager
Them Andelsmejeri
Hanegal Pure Organic

Hanegal, organic food producer

Efficient labelling frees up important resources!

“At Hanegal’s factory in Haderslev, Denmark, we’ve saved enormous amounts of time and human resources by switching to automatic labelling.

We used to do about 80% of all marking and labelling manually.

The system by Bent Nygaard Elektronik has enabled us to free up resources to help elsewhere in the production process and, at the same time, we’ve been able to increase our packing capacity to nearly one unit per second.

The system is equipped with two dispensers on top and a dispenser with a printer underneath – and it’s very flexible, which was one of our requirements, as it had to fit in with our wide variety of organic cold cuts and other meats.”

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As an extra bonus, we can now change the small stories we want to tell on the labels quickly and easily, whereas they were always pre-printed before.

Bent Nygaard Electronik is good at listening to our needs and they deliver efficient solutions that work – every time!
Torben von Dippe, Meat Packing Supervisor
Hedegaard Foods

Hedegaard Foods, egg-packing company

Precision and use-friendliness have top priority.

With more than 5 million eggs a week, we depend on an efficient and stable production plant – because the hens just keep on laying eggs all the time!

Our 18 packing lines handle around 100,000 eggs an hour – large and small, brown and white organic eggs and free-range eggs – and in almost as many different egg-box sizes.

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This places considerable demands on the system’s flexibility and user-friendliness, and these demands are met by the labelling machines by Bent Nygaard Electronik.

With just a few clicks, a central control unit enables us to change parameters, edit product texts and revise other specifications on the egg-box labels.
Vivi Nielsen, packing department
Hedegaard Foods
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