Automatic labelling by weight

Bent Nygaard Electronik a/S has its own production of machinery for the automatic labelling by weight and labelling of food products.

The machines require connection to a computer or server to handle basic data.

A software program by Bent Nygaard Electronik A/S processes orders and parcel specifications on a SQL-based database, and the label design is created and maintained in the graphic label-design program Codesoft.

The automatic weighing and labelling machines are also available with a reject function to ensure that labelling by weight only takes place within a specific area.

The machines are often delivered with an extra manual label printer for sum labels for boxes. A sum label is printed after a predetermined number of individual weighings, and a separate layout can be created for box labels, typically with EAN128 barcodes.

The latest models are MID approved, EU certificate DK0199.618