Labelling solutions from Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S.

At Bent Nygaard we construct and deliver combined marking and labelling solutions, which are specific adapted to our customers products and packaging.

We have many years of experience at developing, construction and installation of combined marking and labelling solutions to the production industry.

Our solutions are made in a close corporation with our customers to achieve the functionality and capacity they demand.

Before the solutions are put in production, a 3D-drawing is made. In this way, we can eliminate any faults and also do mechanical adjustments in the preliminary stage of the project.

Our solutions are made of our own machinery, please see our section ¨Labelling machines¨ for further details >>

The system solutions consist of a motorized conveyor belt with electrical control, mechanical components and selectable options. The whole combined system is put together and testet at our facility in Loesning.

Because we make our own machines, we can offer highly adjustable and specific solutions. It gives our customers high value in form of ¨easy-to-use machinery¨, a minimum of required service and the advantage of modular systems.

For the reasons mentioned above, we do not bind our customers to regular and expensive service contracts. What we offer is an optional service agreement adjusted to the specific system. The service agreement describes the conducted work, used components and hours spent. In this way, the agreement is transparent for the costumer. When the agreement is accepted, it can be cancelled at any given time.

Through the last 40 years we have developed a wide variety of system solutions, that are widely spread in the Danish food industry.

See a selection of marking and labelling solutions below.

If we don’t have a solution that fits your needs, we will gladly make a non-binding offer and contribute with our know-how to the given project.

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