Label machinery to the production industry.

Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S has its own production of label machinery, which includes label dispensers and label printers for self-adhesive labels.

Our range of products consists of single machinery like label dispensers, label printers to large full scale End-Of-Line system solutions.

All of our products are made at our facility in Loesning, Denmark, and it is why we can make them costumer specific and, if needed, later expand the system.

Our machinery in general

All of our label machinery is made in a construction of stainless steel and suitable to be used in the production industry with strictly demands to durability, terms of use and functionality. Because we make the machines ourselves, it can be adapted to the single client products and needs.

We offer the machines as single stand-alone units for an existing production, or they can be combined as different system solutions.

Regardless the solution, we guarantee machinery of high quality that are developed and tested at our own facility.

BNY thermo label printers

The label printers is made in-house and has 203 or 305 DPI as standard (4” version). They can be used as manual label printers or as a Print Apply system with and automatic label applicator.

The printers are often used in combination with a bench/table scale to make a manual labelling by weight system, or in combination with our type approved checkweigher to make an automatic labelling by weight system.

BNY label dispensers

Our label dispensers are also made in-house and made for automatic appliance of self-adhesive labels with a width up to 6” (152 mm).

They are made with or without print engines, which are determined by the specific print job. To print on the entire label area, we either use our own 305 DPI thermo print engine or a print engine from SATO. If we need to print on foil or just a simple date/batch marking we use the newest TTO print engines from DataFlex.

The label dispensers are often combined in system solutions, which can apply labels on several sides or around a product on the same production line. We construct the entire mechanical and electrical solution and have made many different solutions throughout the years to suit a wide variety of products and needs.


Next to our own machinery, we have selling rights to products from SATO and Labelmate. They make products that matches our own portfolio of machinery according to quality and functionality.

As an example, we often use OEM print modules from SATO in our labelling solutions accordingly to the given project. A print module is used, when we need to print on different media than thermo labels e.g. standard paper or PE labels. Besides the print modules we sell and services label printers from SATO.

Labelmate is a new agency even though the manual label dispenser LD100 has been a part of our port folio the last couple of years. The products from Labelmate are very reliable and easy to use in small products, where the labelling process is done manually.


Since the very start, we have used the label design software Codesoft to make and edit labels. The software supports drivers for our own label printers as well as the label printers and OEM print modules from SATO.

Often, we combine Codesoft with our own developed software. It ensures that the client gets the most intuitive operation and functionality of our machinery.

Because we program the software ourselves, we can offer specific software solutions – from a single print job to larger integrated ERP system solutions with SQL databases etc.

If you are in the need of a print or label solution, or just have questions to our products, please contact us here >>