BNY label printers for industrial use

Bent Nygaard Electronik A/S has been selling label printers ever since printing technology based on thermal printheads was introduced in 1980.

We are manufacturing our own label printers in house and, like our other products, they are firmly tested in our own workshop.

The label printers are designed for industrial surroundings with smoothly polished stainless steel encapsulation.

Because we develop and manufactures the printers ourselves, the software can be modified to meet the exact demand of the customer.

Our own series of label printers are made in two versions:

Manual label printers

Our manual label printers are used in the small and medium productions, where there is a need for manual labelling and weighing systems.

The label printers can be built in a closed cabinet to ensure better protection in wet and harsh environments. When cleaning the cabinet can be fully closed so that vital parts of the printer is protected.

Often, the label printers are combined with an industrial bench scale which together makes a system for manual labelling by weight.

Automatic label printers

The automatic label printers is like our manual label printers, but they are characterized by an automatic label applicator. When the product is lead to the label printer, the product is detected, and the label printer prints a label and attaches it automatic on the product, hence the name Print (&) Apply.

These label printers are often used in combination with our series of dynamic type approved checkweighers to attach labels with weight/price, barcodes and variable information in high volume productions.

Through the years we have developed several automatic label applicators. Our most known applicator is the stamp applicator, which can be adjusted in impact strength and also return at contact with the product. This is ideal, when the products can be of various height.

Besides the stamp applicator we have a blown-on applicator, vacuum belt conveyor or a special end wall applicator. The correct applicator is chosen according to the project.

Our label printers in general

Common for the two printer versions is a print width up to 6” (152 mm) and a 203 or 305 dpi print resolution. Both versions can be made with internal storage for thousands of labels, which enables them to be used in off-line operations.

The label printers are controlled from a panel on the front, where all settings and selection of label/product is made. If the label printer is mounted in a vertical position (e.g. for side labelling of boxes) the control panel is moved to the top of the printer chassis which improves operation of the printer. If the printer is located in a secure zone or the operation must be done from another location, we can offer a external remote terminal.

Because the printers are made at our own facility, we can offer customer adapted printer functionality and our own Windows software for data handling.

To design and edit labels, we use the label design software ¨Codesoft¨ from Teklynx. Codesoft makes it easy to design and edit labels with graphic, text, barcodes and several advanced functions.

With our own software, we make it possible to combine a Codesoft label design with data in an Excel spreadsheet or SQL database. In this way everyone can make and edit labels with various information in a uniform way – easy and simple.

Do you have any questions or need a guidance to our label printers, please do not hesitate to contact us here >>