Automatic label dispensers for self-adhesive labels

Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S has a wide range of label dispensers, that is constructed to ensure quality attachment of self-adhesive labels.

The label dispensers is made and assembled at our own facility in Loesning, Denmark, which ensures high quality of our products.

Our machinery is known for its stability, high precision, easily operation and minimal service.

The label dispensers is made in two main versions: The DS7 and DS8 series.

DS7 series is made for preprinted labels.

It can be made for labels up to 4 (102 mm) or 6 Inches (152 mm). The DS7 is made for preprinted labels and as an option, it can be made with a print engine e.g. for simple date/batch print jobs.

We use the newest TTO print engines in intermittent or continues mode to print on foil or different kind of preprinted labels.

The label dispenser can be equipped with an automatic label applicator dependent on the shape of the product.

DS8 series is used to print on the entire label area.

This version of label dispensers can be made in a 4 Inches version (102 mm). As standard it has our own thermo print engine (305 DPI), and it can print on the whole label area with a free label design.

As an alternative it can be made with a SATO OEM print module, which can print on all kind of media via transfer foil. Read more about the SATO OEM print modules here >>

We listen to our customer and combined with our own know-how from the last 40 years, we update our label dispensers accordingly. Our DS7 series has recently been updated with a large label roll magazine, remote control unit, more space for service around certain mechanical parts and various label sensors as standard.

The accessory for our label dispensers includes e.g. encoders for automatic speed regulation and height regulation, which ensures consistent and precise label placement regardless the product.

Quite often we combine the range of our label dispensers to make a total labelling solutions. As an example, we have systems for top and bottom labelling, Wrap Around labelling, side labelling etc. See some of our labelling solutions here >>

Please contact us today if you have any questions or need a customized label solution, contact us here >>