Checkweigher for industrial use

At Bent Nygaard Elektronik A/S we design and make our own series of checkweighers for industrial use.

We divide our checkweighers into two series: CWI for internal process control and the CWM for type approved applications.


The CWI gives the advantages of a custom weighing design, because it is not type approved. Even though they comply with the same tolerances as our CWM checkweighers.

These checkweighers are used for what we call internal process control. Use a CWI for control weighing of e.g. boxes to avoid errors in the packaging process and hereby expensive customer complaints.

The possibilities with an CWI are endless and they can be combined with automatic reject, feedback systems and much more. We make the checkweighers to match your demands and specifications.

CWI checkweighers can be made with a capacity of maximum 60 kg.


The CWM is approved after the tolerances in the MID-directive and may be used for check and catch weighing in the EU. The verification is done at the installation site by an external and independent authority to make sure it complies with the tolerances.

These kind of checkweighers are used in large scale production plants, where there is a need for a fully automated weighing system.

The CWM is often combined with our automatic label printers, which can print and attach a label with various information like text, graphics and barcodes with weighing and/or price information.

CWM checkweighers can be made with a capacity of maximum 60 kg

Our checkweighers in general

Both the CWI and CWM checkweighers performs the weighing in dynamic mode (without stops). With a solid construction in stainless steel they are intended and ideal to be used in the entire production industry, where the demands for quality and precision are strict.

We can offer different kind of data collection and software solutions for both series, and because they are made and tested in-house, we can offer fast support and all kind of spare parts.

Read more about the two series below and please contact us, if we can help and/or guide to a solution regarding automatic weighing systems.

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